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This project is usually undertaken by doctoral students as their final academic project in order to graduate with a PhD degree. Owing to the importance document, it is supposed to be written in a manner that qualifies it to be published in an academic journal for other researchers and students to access and critique it. This academic project is therefore both demanding in terms of time and financial resources. A dissertation is normally completed within a period of between two to three years and therefore it is advisable to choose a research topic that covers a scope that can be managed within this period. Also be sure to write your dissertation using a conventional writing style and format.

Guidelines on how to come up with a Quality Dissertation

  1. Maintain strong organizational skills throughout the research and writing process
  2. Include all the chapters and sections of a dissertation in an acceptable sequence.
  3. Be clear on the methodology to use in collecting, interpreting and analyzing the collected data.
  4. Always ensure that the length of your dissertation lies withing the acceptable minimum and maximum pages.
  5. Accurately and fully describe all the materials used using a conventional referencing style to make sure that your work is free from any form of plagiarism.

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