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A thesis project identifies a research problem, states the major assumptions, explains the importance of the research, adopts or formulates an appropriate methodology, collects the relevant data, analyzes the data, discusses it and finally makes a conclusion based on the available research. A thesis should demonstrates independent thinking, originality, critical thinking as well as proper documentation. These are mainly reflected by the ability of a dissertation to make contribution of knowledge to a given field of study. A thesis paper being an academic document should be made to as a broad audience as possible and this therefore means that it should be written in a manner that is possible for its publication. Students are required to complete this project within a specified period. Most institutions demands the students to complete it within a period of six months to one year or on a part time basis. Plagiarism, being the act of passing others people’s work as your own without given them credit is highly discouraged when writing a thesis. One is required to fully and accurate cite all the sources of information used.

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