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the best research proposal editing servicesThe various parts of a proposal include, the title, statement of the problem, justification of the study, research questions and limitations and questions, literature review, methodology, data analysis and references/bibliography. Each section and chapter carries specific information and this improves the flow and organization of your ideas. When writing a research proposal you should limit the scope of your research problem. Your research problem should not be very wide and not very narrow. It should be wide enough to allow one to thoroughly research on his/her research problem and at the same time it should be narrow enough to enable one solve the research problem since it is almost impossible to research on a very research problem that covers a very wide scope. You are also supposed to contextualize your research problem. This is usually done by reviewing literature review to find out what others have done in relation to your research problem. Literature review also helps one in coming up with a theoretical framework or a conceptual framework that your research project ought to operate within.

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Did you know that it is very important for students to take their research proposals seriously? A research proposal acts as an avenue to have your professor give you a go ahead to work on your research project. This means that before you submit your proposal, you need to have it checked by a professional for:

        • Grammatical errors
        • Typographical errors
        • Correct facts and figures
        • Accuracy in words and instructions

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