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A Dissertation Paper involves carrying out of scientific research and must therefore present the subject you aim to study and give an explanation on how to approach your research. The methodology you decide to use should be connected back to the literature demonstrating why you had to choose the methods and the scholarly basis of your option. The scale of your research should be broad so that it can provide great information on the problem under study and solutions to be adopted to solve the problem.

Things to Know in Writing Dissertation

  1. In writing a Dissertation, a scholar should know how to come up with and progress with  his/her own topic.
  2. Be conversant with the proper arrangement of the Dissertation. It should be properly structured.
  3. Choose whether to use Qualitative or Quantitative approach depending on the suitability of either in your work.
  4. A dissertation takes scientific approach. You must therefore present your findings but be critical on them to develop your argument.
  5. Each chapter has its role. A scholar must be knowledgeable on the function of each of them.

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