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Best Ways for Correcting Plagiarism in a Qualitative Project

Supervisors will always keep on mentioning the word originality when they ask you to write a qualitative research project. This is just because they expect scholars to think independently when they are writing their academic projects. Scholars should always rewrite the valuable information that they obtain from other sources using their own words. Therefore, focused students should not copy-paste the ideas of other people. Instead, they should use their own words to present the ideas of the researchers. It is also necessary to begin writing your work early for you to have time to gather the information that suits your research project. Procrastinating is one of the factors that make scholars plagiarize work because they begin writing their research work when it is too late.

Write a bibliography section at the end of your project: Students should always record all the sources that they have used in the bibliography section. However, you should only reference your work using the stipulated formatting style. Scholars should only list the sources that they have cited in the research work.

Rewrite other people’s ideas using your own words: Paraphrasing is an important tool for scholars who are looking forward to writing original research projects. The words that you use should not change the meaning of the original statement. Call our experienced qualitative project writers when you are stuck, and we will guarantee the originality of your research project.

Use quotes to show that a statement is not yours: Students can alternate paraphrasing and using quotation marks. This is just because the examiners will not prefer a project that has too many quotes. You should remember to include the page number while using quotation marks.

Cite the work that you are using currently in a project: Sometimes, scholars include essays and research papers that they are doing in their research projects. However, they include these sources without the authorization of the professionals. You should make a citation where you have used your other works in your project to avoid self-plagiarism. Need help to write an original thesis project? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Tips for Correcting a Plagiarized Qualitative Project

Coming up with an original qualitative project is a complex task that can give you sleepless nights. Most of the scholars plagiarize their academic work because they have to submit their work on or before the submission deadline. Scholars should not tear their projects into pieces when they realize that their work has plagiarized sections. You can decide to review the plagiarized sections or hire someone to paraphrase the plagiarized parts of a qualitative project. While rewriting statements in a project, you should always ensure that the paraphrased version is not the same as the original version. Scholars should also add a citation where they had used other people’s ideas and failed to credit them. Quoting is also a valid option for scholars who do not have the best paraphrasing skills. Plagiarism is one of the factors that can result in rejection of your qualitative project. Students can avoid plagiarism by writing their research work using their own words. However, detecting plagiarism in research using your own eyes is not an easy task. You must use plagiarism detecting software such as Grammarly to identify all the sections that match the ones in other sources or maybe hire people who are experienced in correcting plagiarized project to assist you. Scholars should rewrite all the information that they have obtained from other sources. Furthermore, they should incorporate citations at the end of every paraphrased text. Scholars who are not native English speakers should ask experts to help them rephrase all the ideas that they have borrowed from other sources of information. It is also essential for the students to include a referencing page at the end of their research project. Find us when you are stuck, and we will help you correct plagiarized sections of a research project at affordable prices.

  • Rewrite all the copy-pasted sections in your project
  • Cite your own material if you use it in your current study
  • Do not cite common knowledge and facts
  • Include multiple and relevant citations in your qualitative project
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