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Tips for Paraphrasing a Primary Data Capstone Expertly

Scholars should always ensure that they have included paraphrasing when they are coming up with a schedule of activities. Rewriting ideas in your project can help you to demonstrate that you understand your research topic better. You can also inquire for assistance to save yourself from submitting a substandard project.

Break down long sentences into two short sentences for clarity.Scholars should always avoid wordy sentences when they are writing their academic projects. Therefore, they should consider splitting long sentences into two shorter ones to make it easier for readers to understand their ideas.

Restructure passive sentences into active ones and vice versa. Changing the structure of a sentence is one of the techniques that scholars use when they are paraphrasing their work. However, you should ensure that you have alternated passive and active voices to raise the standards of your work.

Do not paraphrase one sentence after the other.Many scholars think that they should paraphrase one sentence after the other when they are asked to rewrite their projects. Instead, scholars should prioritize rewriting ideas to show their understanding of the topic that they are investigating.

Include a citation when you paraphrase an idea in your project. Scholars make mistakes by owning other people’s ideas when they paraphrase them. To credit an author for laying the foundation for your work, you should document the name of the author and the year that he or she published his or her work.

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