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Cell Phones and Global Positioning System (GPS) can be used to improve Medical Services due to the advancement of Technology in cell phones today.

Technologies of phones and GPS are used to improve health services globally because large numbers of people are using cell phones. Medical records are now stored in a distributed database where a person can download health records using personal cell phones. It is possible even to download x-rays and diagnostic scan just in your cell phone. A Personal doctor can keep track of patient’s health using technologies that usually brings games to life on your cell phone. Modern cell phones have graphic's chips like the one in the personal computers, which can turn your phone into a complete virtual medical library with scanning 3D computer graphics and medical scans. The use of these technologies helps the doctor; just right in the office to be able to view the patient as if in the office. This combination of technologies helps to trace somebody medical history with a lot of ease, because most of the personal data are in cell phone memories and in the case of misplacing phone, still can be downloaded. Technical fields like computer science, IT, BBIT and programming require keen attention and high-quality skills. This is because such fields keep on evolving as times go by.

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 Application of Neural Networks (NN) In Networks Intrusion Detection to avoid Network Attacks that Lead to Great Losses in Organizations.

The neural network emulates the human brain and it needs to learn through practical training. It takes the collection of transition to transform a set of inputs to a set of already searched outputs; this is done through a set of processing units and connections between them. The subsets of the units are inputs and output nodes and nodes between the inputs and outputs from the hidden layer. The connection between the two units exhibits similar weights which are used to know how much one unit will affect the other. The two algorithms used in the learning of the neural networks are supervised and unsupervised learning. The core factor is the neural network is to learn and retrain the coefficient in the neural network through inputs and the outputs. To apply this in the network intrusion detection, we have to train the NN using the known data inputs and outputs and then start attacking it. Attacks help it to learn through statistics and pattern recognition.

Use of Intelligent Building Knowledge-Based Systems to Optimize Building Maintenance Management and Reduce Cost Incurred Due to Poor Recording and lack of Counter-measures.

When the KBS and the integrated building management system (IBMS) are combined they can improve the management of the building maintenance. Many organizations have maintenance scheduling programs which have the inclusion of the schedule breakdown and preventative maintenance. The aim of intelligent building system is to fine tune this schedule to fit exactly the requirements of the building. KBS can optimize the maintenance schedule on the basis of priorities. If there are two maintenance works that need to be undertaken at the same time and there are insufficient resources, it does analysis using statistics and compare the two works basing on the economic facts and make decisions of which work need to be done first. KBS can also be used to predict breakdowns, maintenance cost and spare parts which help in budget making and ordering. The KBS has the capability to explain why maintenance is scheduled at a particular time by using the heuristic information concerning the engineering rules, actual breakdown, and statistic analysis.

Computerized Hands off Sampler Gun to Collect Sample with Its Universal Sample Media in Crime Committed Areas to avoid the Potential Contamination of Samples.

As investigators collect evidence in the areas where crime has been committed, they are not supposed to interfere with evidence. Gun is meant to ensure no mishandling of evidence and enhances the credibility of the evidence. When crime investigator finds evidence such as blood stains, the handoff gun is used to collect evidence with its universal environment and this makes the investigator not to touch the sample. There is also a mechanism to proof what the investigator has brought in the gun is not fabricated. The mechanism used to proof is three dimension accelerometer which is a sensor that detects force and records the sampling pattern and this helps to prove that the sample was not plotted, wiped or scrapped. During sampling, the gun automatically records the sample’s area or location with internal global positioning systems and it takes a digital picture of the sample that has been collected. This information can then be downloaded from an internal global positioning system.

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