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Do you need help editing, paraphrasing, or reviewing your MBA, MSc, or Ph.D. dissertation project? We have among the finest and most experienced experts who help with reviewing & correcting errors and mistakes in a dissertation for content originality. We can help if you let us.

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Dissertation editing, re-writing & reviewing service
We help perfect your dissertation to make sure it's a masterpiece before submitting it to your professor. Let us help review, edit, and format your dissertation project to produce the desired results. We make sure to meet your expectations.

What is the best length for a Ph.D. Dissertation?

length of a dissertation PhDThe length of a Ph.D. dissertation varies from one area of study to another, but they are usually longer than those of an Undergraduate or Master’s degree. The best length for a Doctoral level dissertation paper on average is between 100 to 300 pages. However, the institution at which one is undertaking their studies may determine the length of the paper, and most even provide institutional guidelines or a research handbook to serve as a point of reference for the candidates when writing the dissertation.

As a Ph.D. dissertation involves extensive research leading to the development of new concepts and contribution of new theories to the existing literature in their area of study or areas of research interest, some institutions or supervisors may not provide a limit for the dissertation and would advise that the researcher uses the number of pages that adequately suffice the writings required for the research paper, so as to not restrict them or their research capabilities. You can hire our Ph.D. dissertation tutors to guide you with the process.



NB: Thesis-Dissertation Writing Services provides custom writing and reports, to be used for research and study assistance purposes only, similar in concept to Cliffs Notes, Spark Notes or York Notes.

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