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The Main Parts of a Research Project Proposal are Three

The Title page: Though different writing styles adopt different ways of writing the title page, it is a must-have for every Thesis or Dissertation Proposal. The requirements in a title page are Your Name, Course Title, Instructors’ Name, Your Institution’s Nameand Submission Date.

Abstract of the Proposal: The abstract should briefly state the research task, describe the methodology and provide a short summary of the research findings. The number of words recommended in a dissertation is 250. We provide Proposals Writing Service to scholars who need assistance with writing their abstracts.

Table of Contents (TOC): Usually abbreviated as TOC, a table of contents shows the components of the research proposal in an orderly manner. Ms. Word can create TOC automatically if the references are set appropriately. You can get professional Proposals Writing Service in our firm at an affordable price.

  1. Introduction Chapter: This is the first chapter of the proposal and sets the stage for your proposal. It puts your topic in perspective. It needs to point out the study problem and the significance of the study. This chapter is made up of: Background of the Problem, Statement of the Problem, Objectives of the Research, Hypothesis of the Research and Terms Definition.
  2. Literature Review Chapter: The literature review section supports your argument or topic by providing and discussing information from available written materials. The review should be done from highly relevant sources to the study. This section also contains the Theoretical Framework which acts to support the study and should be well connected to the study.
  3. Methodology Chapter: This section shows how the scholar is going to carry out the research and where he/she seeks to get the data from. It also indicates how the information gathered will be interpreted. When offering scholars proposal writing aid, we adopt the following outline.

3.1 Research Design: We use either of these two research design methods which are: Qualitative and Quantitative design.

Method qualitative seeks to understand the reasons behind an occurrence and explain it into details. A scholar is expected to not only draw conclusions from observations and interpret them. They include prediction, descriptive research, case study, and survey.

Quantitative: It generates numeric data that can be converted into numbers. It tests pre-specified concepts that are used to make up a theory. Quantitative research is either experimental or physical.

Identifying your population will be required on when conducting primary data project.

Data Sampling: A suitable sampling technique will be used for Primary Data Projects. Sampling is not necessary for Secondary Data Projects. In case, a definite description of the field of study is narrowed down to and clearly explained.

Data can be collected from primary sources or from secondary.

Instrumentation Defines the data needed to answer the research question and gives a clear description of the instruments to use to gather data. We are the people to consult when you need a practical way of collecting data. We offer Proposals Writing Service to substantiate the study. Seek help in our firm with interview script writing, questionnaire development, descriptive data procedures writing and recording procedures among other services.

Ethical considerations such as gathering data with control or avoiding plagiarism should be adhered to strictly.

Point out the limitation that the study is likely to face. Point out the delimitations also if there are any that are likely to be encountered.

3.4 Analysing Data: The procedure that will be used for data analysis should be pointed out clearly. If having problems, we offer the best advice on how best to analyze data in our Proposals Writing Service.

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