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The Title page: The first page of a research proposal should be the title page. Some of the details that are supposed to appear on this page include the title of your proposed research project, your name, name of your academic institution and the date of submission. The title should be short and preferably not more than twelve words and should describe your research project as accurately as possible.

Proposal Abstract: A research proposal abstract provides a brief overview of the proposal. It summarizes the important elements in your research proposal such as; introduction, statement of the problem, methodology, research questions, and hypothesis. A good proposal should have well-developed paragraphs that are unified and concise.

A Table of Contents (TOC). A table of contents, which is informally abbreviated as (TOC) is a list of divisions and the pages in which they appear in your research proposal. All the major headings and sub-headings should be included in a research proposal table of contents.

    1. Introduction Chapter: This chapter provides the background information of your proposed project and by so doing it provides the reader with an overview of your overall research interest. A good introduction should describe the broad foundations of your study, provide the general scope of your research and mention the various sections that will appear in your proposal.
    2. Literature Review Chapter: The literature review chapter demonstrates your familiarity with the topic and the various approaches that have been used to study it. This chapter helps a student to place his or her study within a wider disciplinary debate and it also helps one in coming up with a conceptual or theoretical framework in which his/her research project will operate. A good literature review should be a well thought out analysis of other people's work including the current studies done on the research problem under study.
    3. Methodology Chapter: This chapter describes the general means through which the goals of the project will be achieved. Some of the information to be included in this chapter includes; description of methods of data collection, criteria to be used in interpreting and analyzing data and the materials and equipment to be used in data collection.

3.1 Research Design: This is a step-by-step guideline that will help you when carrying out your research project. A research design, in other words, provides a logical way of handling your research project.

The research design provides a framework for a systematic study that will address the research project’s questions, goals, and objectives.

3.2 Study Population and Sampling :

The study population simply means the group of individuals in a study that are known to have common characteristics.

Data Sampling: This means taking part of a population to represent the whole population through the use of a well-defined procedure.

3.3 Data Collection

Methods of Data Collection – The methods of data collection range from qualitative, quantitative or a combination of both. One should choose the methods that best suit his/her research proposal. Some of the commonly used methods of data collection include experiments, observation, interviews and use of questionnaires.

Ethical considerations. One has to respect the research ethics such as the right o the participants so that they know the importance of the research being carried out.

Limitations and Delimitations; When one is carrying out research, he/she is likely to face some challenges of different nature; for example, inaccessibility of information. This section requires one to show that he/she is aware of these challenges that may be encountered along the way when researching on your research problem.

3.4 Data analysis: In this section one is required to describe the methods that will be used in coding and reducing data. One should have a good idea of how to interpret and make sense out of all the relevant data collected.

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