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How to Insert Footnotes in a Qualitative Dissertation

Footnotes and endnotes are terms that have been confusing scholars over the years. Footnotes are written at the bottom of the page whereas endnotes are written at the end of a dissertation. However, footnotes and endnotes are used to show additional information that does not relate directly to the information on a page of the document. Considering that footnotes will attract the attention of readers, you should write them accurately. When you want to use footnotes to show particular references, you should always cite the reference using the required referencing style.

Put the cursor where you want to insert the footnote: The best way to insert footnotes in a qualitative dissertation is by using a computer. You should always place the cursor where you want your footnote to appear. In reality, you should put the cursor at the bottom of the page.

Click on the reference tab and select insert footnotes: Using a computer to add footnotes to your research work is simpler. This is just because you will click on the references in the taskbar and click on the insert references. In a situation where you get stuck, you should ask for help from friends.

Type your footnote citations: Having clicked on insert footnotes, you should now type your footnote. In the case of a footnote citation, you should show the name of the author, year of publication, and the title of the publication.

Edit the footnote for accuracy: Most readers will always consider reading footnotes to get a thorough understanding of what you are talking about. As a result, you should always go through your footnotes to ensure that they do not mislead the readers. Call us today, and we will assist you add footnotes in a qualitative dissertation at reasonable prices.

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Putting Footnotes in a Qualitative Research Project

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