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Need someone to edit & revise your thesis project? We help format thesis project structure, design, writing styles, and outline to meet your expectation. We understand that even the slightest mistake can offset the original meaning of the key points and thus we offer quality thesis correction help. Ensure your project is perfect before submitting it.

    • Seek expert help with correcting grammatical errors and mistakes in a thesis project.
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We help format projects and correct errors in theses to ensure they are presentable to the readers. Consult experienced thesis editors to ensure your project meets the set standards & criteria. Just reach out to us by placing an order and we shall help.

How Long Should a Master’s Thesis be?

how many pages is a masters thesisA Google or similar online search of “how long should a Master's thesis be?” may typically leave you disheartened as you will find many articles quoting up to 200 pages for a thesis paper. I however assure you it is not as complicated as perceived. While a lot of time and work goes into choosing the topic, researching, and analysis of the findings among other activities that come with thesis writing, a master’s thesis is generally 60-80 pages, not including the bibliography. However, the length may vary according to the topic and the research method.
Therefore the appropriate length is mostly determined by your faculty or advised by your supervisor along with any other changes they may require you to make during the entire period you will be writing the thesis. A thesis involves a significant amount of research and depending on the subject, some may require you to conduct interviews, and surveys and gather primary and secondary resources and this is why the overall length varies. Thesis papers do not require as much write-up as that of a dissertation, mainly because it allows for students to show how knowledgeable they are in their area of study through researching existing material and sharing their analysis, finding, and conclusions from the research they conducted.



NB: Thesis-Dissertation Writing Services provides custom writing and reports, to be used for research and study assistance purposes only, similar in concept to Cliffs Notes, Spark Notes or York Notes.

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