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The specific types of information and/or data needed to conduct a secondary analysis will depend, obviously, on the focus of your study. For care purposes, secondary data analysis is usually conducted to gain a more in-depth understanding of the causes of poverty in various countries and/or regions where care works. Secondary data review and analysis involves collecting information, statistics, and other relevant data at various levels of aggregation in order to conduct a situational analysis of the area. A research design is a step-by-step plan that guides data collection and analysis. In the case of secondary data reviews, it might simply be an outline of what you want the final report to look like, a list of the types of data that you need to collect, and a preliminary list of data sources. There are numerous sources of secondary data and information. The first step in collecting secondary data is to determine which institutions conduct research on the topic area or country in question. Large surveys and country-wide studies are expensive and time-consuming to conduct; therefore, they are usually done by governments or large institutions with a research orientation. Here is an important tip for secondary data: make use of local experts’. When searching for secondary data or questioning the quality of a source that you have already collected, seek advice from sector specialists and other experts in your country office. Your colleagues are valuable sources of information and expertise, so make use of them. if indeed you do not trust them fully to deliver sufficient help, or you need a professional to help you conduct the activities above, don’t hesitate to call on us, we are just a click of a button away. Have an Outline of what you need us to do for you and then we will follow those instructions to the letter. Let us handle your Private and Urgent work.

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